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Coffee Roasting & Packing


We buy green coffee beans from most of the coffee producing countries of the world, including Brazil, Colombia, and most of Central America, as well as 

from Africa, India and Vietnam.


Blends are carefully composed to provide  coffee that meets our customers needs, and tastes delicious. We place great emphasis on freshness, and achieving a consistent flavour time after time.


We roast and pack coffee beans and ground coffee, including Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance and Organic, for foodservice and retail customers throughout the U.K. We are based in Woolwich, south east London.


About Us


We have been roasting coffee since 1963 in our factory near the Thames Barrier in Woolwich. Despite the many changes in the coffee scene over the years, the importance of supplying coffee that is fresh, distinctive and delicious has always been our guiding principle.


We supply customers throughout the UK in the foodservice, wholesale, vending and retail sectors with a wide range of pack types. We have the capacity and resources to supply large tonnages to major coffee shop chains, but are also small and flexible enough to provide first class care and personal attention to our many independent and regional customers.


Coburg is part of Tudeley Holdings Ltd., who grow Arabica coffee on their three estates near Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, as pictured below.



Developed coffee seedlings ready for planting
Washed green coffee beans being prepared for drying
Green coffee beans being spread and sorted on drying racks
New coffee seedlings
Coffee pickers on Kikafu Estate, Tanzania
Coffee bushes laden with ripe coffee cherries



Please contact us, either by phone, fax, post or using the contact form.

Tel: 0845 355 3388

Fax: 0845 355 3380

To write to us:
3 Harrington Way,
Warspite Road,
SE18 5NU



Private Label


Working with our customers to develop their private label ranges is what we enjoy doing most - whether it's creating something completely new and distinctive, or matching an existing coffee that already performs well.


We know from experience what type of coffee works in particular situations, and what doesn't!


We take care to obtain a full understanding of your product needs, your own ideas and your business culture - and we then respond with options for the coffee itself and for its packaging, whether in catering or retail formats.


Whether your need is for retail or catering packs, speciality or general purpose coffees, large or small volumes, we can almost certainly help.



Tel: 0845 355 3388



State of the art equipment, combined with a BRC certified food safety and quality system, ensure that your coffee is roasted and packed to the highest standards.